Sometimes our patients need specialist care to help them combat the more advanced form of gum disease, periodontitis. This can cause symptoms including sore, swollen and bleeding gums and bad breath, and can eventually lead to tooth loss.

Fortunately for the vast majority of patients, periodontal treatment is very successful and their natural teeth can be maintained for many years.

Rest assured that we only offer the most effective, scientifically proven, evidence-based treatment options in order to you to help retain and restore your natural teeth.

The clinical name for gum disease is gingivitis or periodontitis (depending on the severity of the condition). Gum disease can cause sore, swollen, bleeding gums and bad breath or in more severe situations, tooth loss.

Fortunately, with early intervention, the combination of teaching correct techniques and mechanical cleaning, provided by our therapists, is a very successful treatment. This enables people to keep their natural teeth for many years.

Patients may need specialist care to help combat advanced forms of the disease.

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